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Re: previous/next thread navigation

I put together a plugin that will allow you to include navigation links to flip forward or backward through forums and/or topics within a forum.

This is a first stab. No online config, etc. yet – just the main code to get the right links and forum/topic IDs. I hope to add some things to it and improve the API a bit to let templates get individual ‘next’ or ‘previous’ links.

I ended up having to do direct DB queries – I couldn’t find a way in the main bbPress code to get me the info I needed, but I’m not super familiar with the core code either so I may have missed something. But no functions or class methods jumped out at me.

I’ll post the bbPress plugin URL for it once it’s approved, but you can download it from the link above.

Here’s a look at what it does on a forum I’m still setting up/messing with.

Topic Nav – look in the meta section under the RSS link:

Forum Nav – look under the list of topics:

Yes – I know the forum navigation disappears in forums with no posts – side effect of the action hook I used to insert (it seems to return without applying filters when there are no posts – which I guess makes sense if you’re figuring there’s nothing to ‘filter’. But many filers append :( )

This definitely makes navigation for my setup much easier.

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