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Re: previous/next thread navigation

This is definitely worth doing. bbPress needs to have template functions that allow you to get the ‘next’ or ‘previous’ forum and topic. This would allow themes to include nice navigation links like ‘Next Thread’, ‘Next Forum’ instead of always having to jump to the front. WordPress does this for posts.

I’ve looked all around and I’m just not seeing anything like this.

I’m going to mess around with some code – it looks like the BB_Walker has a stepping ability built in that SHOULD make this pretty trivial, but I’m still getting comfortable with the inner bbPress classes and such. I’ll post here if I come up with anything. If anyone else has tried this or knows of a plugin that exists already – let me know. I couldn’t find one. Again – this isn’t pagination when you have lots of posts/threads. This is when you are in a topic or post view, being able to navigate to the next post, thread, or forum – i.e. like flipping pages of a book.

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