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Re: Pretty Permalinks on Debian VPS Server

_ck_ thanks for your reply,

I contacted to technical service, and they said they opened multiview option. But it did not work. And they gave me virtual host configuration:

The error I saw is, ” page not found error”

I use wordpress in my root directory, and I use bbpress in subfolder named as forum. I think wordpress’ .htaccess file do not interfere with the one for forums.

I also asked for httpd.conf settings, but the technical stuff said, directadmin uses very clean httpd.conf settings, and their virtual host setup is nearly the same thing, so they gave virtual host settings:

<Directory /home/>

Options +Includes -Indexes +MultiViews


Technical stuff also, did not figure out why this problem occurs. And he also said multiviews option could reason some security problems.

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