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Re: Pretty Permalinks Not Working


I did also all the things(at least three or more times, and even I create a mirror template for bbpress to match with my wordpress template when I was tired of trying the same things to make permalinks to work),. So, for those people who uses Godaddy;

It is not working with Godaddy. (Correction: It works for me, read below)

But it only took a couple of hours to update my wordpress, install and integrate bbpress with wordpress (even, partially, templates). For now, I will not move to another hosting company for permalink option. But it is a bit annoying because rewrite rules are working on Godaddy. I have installed wordpress(10 or more different websites), and drupal(3 or more websites), and no problem with permalinks. When you create your htaccess file for the first time, you need to wait for a couple of hours (in avarage 2-3 hours). After that first initialization, every change in htaccess are applied instantly. Namely you just need to wait only for the first time.

I also tried a simple redirect to check my htaccess file in forum root directory. And it was working.

So as the creator team of bbpress is the same for wordpress. And as wordpress is ok with godaddy. The team may suggest an alternative way for rewrite rules. I dont know much about rewrite rules. And I believe the file (bb-admin/rewrite-rules. php) creates correct rules for the most of the servers.


I wrote all the above information and then I think to add my config.php file to here. So I find out something, that I dont use akismet, so I add // to beginning of that line, namely:

//$bb->akismet_key = ''; // Example: '0123456789ab'

and it is working now :)

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