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Re: Pretty Permalinks Not Working


I have read the FAQs for my hosting account (Linux hosting) at GoDaddy, and it says that the server is mod_rewrite enabled. It is evident from the fact that my wordpress install works fine with custom permalinks. Tried even using the stuff spewed by rewrite-rules.php. Nothing seems to work! :(

Mirce, I had disabled pretty permalinks for a while in between and I believe that is around when you must have checked the forums.

wyDay, I have kept the .htaccess file for about a day now, no results yet :(

Should I perhaps try to reinstall bb-press? The only thing I am concerned about is losing my WP data because I believe wp-users is one table that is shared if both are installed in the same database.

I would really like to get my pretty permalinks to work. I have tried both the tricks mentioned in the FAQ, still I am a bit clueless..

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