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Re: Pretty Permalinks Not Working



**update**: just found

after looking for days, don’t know why it took so long to find. this did the trick!

Also having a problem with pretty permalinks. i am on bluehost with the following:

wordpress 2.5.1 installed at

bbpress installed at

i do have my wp akismet key applied in bbpress, but other than that no wp integration. bbpress works fine until i activate pretty permalinks. at that time, i can see all of my topics & stuff, but i just get 404 when i try to get to them.

here’s an interesting thing i discovered: both installed to my site via SimpleScripts. WP works fine, but bb appears to have no .htaccess file at all. i do see one in attached to a theme, but that’s it, and apparently not useful there.

since this seems to be the issue, sort of narrowed down, i created an .htaccess file using the code shown by jethro, but i know there’s something missing. it didn’t break my site, but i couldn’t even get to admin area to see if i could make the permalinks work.

i’m not a programmer, but if anyone can tell me what code i need to have in the .htaccess file, i can make the file and upload it.


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