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Re: Pretty Permalinks Not Working

It is important to note that if your bbpress install is in a subdirectory of your wordpress install, then the directives in your wordpress .htaccess file also apply to your bbpress directory. So you need to check to make sure there isn’t some mod_rewrite rule in the base .htaccess file munging up your later rewrites in the bbpress .htaccess file.

I suggest anyone trying to attempt enabling mod_rewrite features be familiar with how it works. Apache has very good documentation for the mod_rewrite module.

There is little or no difference between the way bbPress uses mod_rewrite and wordpress uses mod_rewrite.

It is all down to your configuration and sometimes is impossible because of your host. I am happy to attempt to help anyone who wants to send me their .htaccess files and a detailed description of their setup. I will need full path names and urls and the site structure you are trying to achieve. Send to the username “sam” at the domain name “viveka * net * au”. I will send you back what should be a working set of files and will also attempt to report the resolution here.

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