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Re: Presentaton menu



Ok! Sorted! (memory did play me false – of course there was a usermeta table!) Not quite as straightforward as I altered the admin key but then found that I didn’t have access to the admin pages at all. Then created a second install and copied the admin capabilities entry across. Still couldn’t get to admin pages, but then discovered a new row in the usermata table with an ID of 1 and capabilities of a member. Deleting both of those table rows restored everything back to normal Thanks to phpMyadmin, and most of all to fel64, both for this query and others I have posted! (Hey – its when things break that you findout how they work!)

There is abit of a ‘gotcha’ there though because if you do demote yourself to admin, there is no way to re-promote yourself back to keymaster. I suppose the only way round that would be to disable admin from changing his own privileges.

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