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Re: Posts added to all MU blogs showing on one forum???

“I’m assuming you’re talking about something like this:

“Joe and Jane have blogs on your MU site.

Joe posts ‘My life’ in Joe’s Blog.

Jane posts ‘My dog’ in Jane’s Blog.

Both posts appear in the forum ‘Blogs'”


Ipstenu, Yes,that would be a good start. Better yet, the bloggers should be able to select what forum their blog posts also appear in.

I’m not sure if two blog posts rarely having the same title in a forum would be a big problem. I’m guessing that posts are indexed by some kind of messageID and that I could post two topics to this forum with the same title now, but I haven’t looked at the data structure.

I agree that copying posts from blogs to forums and back would be a lousy hack. Ideally they should share the same pool of messages in the database and just present alternate views of them, but I’d settle for such a hack for now. (I’m not a WP or even a PHP guy by the way).

The purpose of this is to solve the blog readership “chicken or egg” problem. Why regularly spend hours creating exceptional blog post when there are so few readers? Why read a blog when it’s so rarely updated or the author spends so little time on the posts?

This system would allow people who typically read forums (like this one) to scan through both the forum’s post and related blog posts. And it would give new bloggers an audience drawn from both forum readers and readers of other blogs on the same site.

There’s a lot more to this, but that’s the basics.

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