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Re: Post_Text Front Page

Funny thing is that is what I’m planning on delving into next. I’m new to bbPress but decided to try it out because I was familiar with WordPress. I don’t have any formal training in code, I’ve pretty much just learned by piecing things together and seeing if they work.

Back to my original train of thought, I’m planning on implementing something like queries, which I think is what you mean by loop of topics. I was actually browsing around the forums looking for ways to pull related topics together not by keywords but by relation to forums. I plan on putting this within the topics template to display similar topics to members. Will definitely be looking for help on that one as I’m sure it won’t be as easy to implement as in WordPress.

I was planning on using <?php if (in_category() ): ?>, that is what I used in WordPress to pull similar posts together. However I’m wondering if this approach is possible in bbPress because I’m not sure if there is such a thing as in_category. I guess this will be another thing to get into. Will check back after I take a much needed rest. Thanks again.

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