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Re: post or reply by email

I would love this feature. Basically, we’re a small web design company that does a lot of communication between our design team and the client, as well as our technical support team and the client.

Right now, we’re using a different forum setup to function well, but not as well as we would like. THIS idea would be AWESOME for what we need.

Especially since we’re working with a lot of other smaller companies who can barely find their website using AOL let alone get used to a forum setup for their communication. If we could set it up so that they could read posts sent to their email and then respond to them via that email, it would make things a lot easier for them to get right into it.

Plus, all of the communication would also be stored in the one location (the forum) for us to access.

There is definite interest for this type of function, and I’d push for us to move from what we are using to bbpress if this was introduced.

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