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Re: Possible way to upload image to post



There are two different options here.

1. Allow Images plugin. The member needs to link to an image available in the Internet somewhere. If that’s not a problem, then that’s the way to go. It allows members to insert images into their posts. Pretty easy.

2. Attachments plugin. This you have working as attachments now, but you want the image inline, not attached. The newest version is supposed to do that, and I just read this on the plugin page:

After uploading, an [INSERT] link will appear next to each attachment.

So, the user needs to upload it first, then go back and edit their post, and click the [INSERT] link. I actually just noticed that: I have the link, but it doesn’t work. It seems like a JavaScript error.

Error: myField is not defined
Source File:
Line: 76


If you cannot use the Allow Images plugin, instead of the Attachments plugin, then you might want to post your concerns on the plugin page, or wait for _ck_ to show up here. The plugin was released early because a lot of people were looking for the inline functionality, and I’m sure _ck_ will appreciate feedback from anyone using it.

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