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Re: Plugin to block multi characters in a row?!



hmm, well, I’m not worried about it breaking my theme, it’s my rss feed that I have on my main page. I have the forum’s rss feed showing as html on my main page of my site. And, the other day someone made a post with “===========================” in it just to break up their post. They weren’t trying to mess things up, they were just making a long post and wanted to break it up.

ANYWAY, long story short, it caused my main page to look all messed up because the =========================== pushed outside of my main div. I already have everything in a wrapper and in a fixed width table, so I don’t know how that was able to push everything out, but it did.

So, if I add {overflow:hidden;} to my style sheet for my main page, do you think that will still solve my problem?

I would be nice if there was a plugin that would allow you to block posts if someone uses the same character more than 10 times in a row for example….

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