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Re: Plugin: [REL] Signature



Here we go!

updated to v0.11 – now with admin menu!

(rename .txt to .php)

If you have plugins for smilies and/or allow images in post text, it will obey them, this is probably a good thing and desired.

You can set the minimum user level needed to show signatures and also the ability not to repeat a user’s signature more than once per page.

Instructions: install, activate, tinker with settings in admin menu

If you would like the optional toggle on new/edit posts to disable signatures you must edit the edit-form.php & post-form.php templates and place at or near the bottom:

<? bb_signatures_checkbox(); ?>

(you can wrap it in a DIV and float it to the left, right style anyway you’d like

sorry but there’s no way to do this directly through a plugin)

Here’s a fancier version that I use:

<div style=”float:left” ><? if (function_exists(‘bb_signatures_checkbox’)) {bb_signatures_checkbox();} ?></div>

Version History:

0.05 :slashes & autop fixed, replaced input with textarea, max_lines now supported in post-processing, max_length checked in realtime (as well as post processing)

0.06 :internal testing/bugfix

0.07 :per-post signature toggle

0.08 :toggle for allow html and allow images should now work

0.10 :basic functioning admin menu

0.11 :more intelligent admin menu

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