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Re: Plugin – Private Messages

Alright, I had first tried those TWO files you had sent me in the email, and those didn’t work. But, checked this thread and downloaded the PM_Trent_version, and everything seems to be working just fine! :);)

However, when clicking on the “PM This User” link, under someone else’s name, other then me.. I get taken to the send this user a PM page, without errors.. but!

I’m getting the header image showing at bottom of page with this message under it “You can’t look at this message! It doesn’t belong to you!” (I know you’re not supposed to send one to yourself, but.. just wondering why that header would still be down there though, if it’s being sent to someone else..? =/ )

And this happens, (for example) when clicking on “PM This User” link under Trent’s name in a thread he replied in:

Go to there, those that have joined my forums can try it once.. and see what I’m talking about. Maybe there’s an extra header call, that we could maybe skip having or something..?

Other then that, Trent’s PM version seems to be working just fine! Thanks Trent! :) ;)


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