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Re: Plugin: Post Notification



Personally, what I want from an email notification service is:-

1. To notify me of when someone replies, but not EVERYONE that replies.

I love the fact that in the email notifies you, you click on the url and go to the next reply to your last post, and then you note that there are 20 other replies that you can read through neatly on the BB, but NOT 20 other emails to delete! The whole point of BB’s is that they save email stress. I’d hate to lose this function just because we decided to go with bbpress not phpbb.

2. Being able to subscribe to not just threads, but FORUMS is also important for some users. In some large forums, some specialists need to know everything going on in that forum and might be so busy that they’d appreciate an email every time someone started a thread.

This sort of functionality should be standard in bbpress. I’m an activist spread very thinly over the internet, and RSS just doesn’t cut it. I might see a thread, register, comment, and then forget about that whole forum until someone eventually replies. The email keeps me going back. With so many bulletin boards and forums to reply to and keep track of — that ALL pretty much notify of reply by email — why would I bother messing around with RSS as well? My email box is king, only it grabs my attention. This function should not be a plugin.

3. There should be a function in my profile where I can just click an automatic email generator, so that ANY time I reply in ANY thread, I am automatically emailed if someone replies.

This is standard, basic bulletin board protocol and absolutely has to be in the standard installation.

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