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Re: Plugin: Plugin browser for bbPress

Sam Bauers


My other option is to make the update check more atomic. Here, your pagination idea could help. So instead of fetching all the plugins, I could just fetch the first page, then the second etc. etc. on request. More complicated to code, but it might be the best long term solution to keep the best of both worlds. I could also add a way to list installed plugins first, or even have a separate view of installed plugins.

I wouldn’t think Trac is faster, it has a few more overheads on the server side I think. I don’t think it will come down to that though.

Neither the Trac site nor the SVN repository use compression on their output, so gzip is useless, but that was a good suggestion. I’m not sure the SVN repository could use gzip anyway as it would potentially get in the way of some SVN clients, I’m not sure SVN even supports compression techniques like that (although it probably should).

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