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Re: Plugin: Plugin browser for bbPress

Sam Bauers


> it works, yay!


> idea: “power user toggle” that will turn the revision number into a hotlink to the svn directory

Good idea, I’ll ad it to my “to do” list.

> maybe show the filesize since curl/fopen has to pull the entire file down anyway so it knows the size

It only completely pulls down the .php files from the trunk of each plugin to interrogate then and create the list, so I could only accurately report on the size of those. Otherwise I would have to traverse through all the subdirectories and add up the totals. Which would be a bit onerous.

> a tally at the bottom of how many plugins shown would be interesting to see too

A bit superfluous, but I’ll add it.

> will it paginate if one day there are over a hundred plugins?

That wouldn’t be too hard. But there aren’t that many plugins right now.

For a lark I pointed the plugin to the WordPress Plugin SVN. It got about 1/4 of the way through retrieving the list of plugins and died (script timeout). Ultimately if this plugin is going to remain in use I’ll have to either compile the plugin list on a server somewhere and serve it as a single file to all plugins, or build a “specs” file format for plugins to use if they want to be in the browser. But that is what the WordPress plugin I mentioned earlier is attempting to do, so I’m more likely to assist in porting that plugin over to bbPress than extending this one to do it.

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