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Re: plugin: Markdown

I don’t know. But do you know about the plugin I wrote that does things similar to markdown? No. No you don’t. Because I haven’t mentioned it yet. Basically it lets you italicise, bolden, and link in a very elegant way (although I think syntax-wise slightly different way to markdown). It respects code and it auto-converts the lists you only wrote casually (list items starting with #, -, *, (1, 2, 3 …), (a, b, c …)) into proper HTML. If I could think of a goddamned name I would have uploaded it yesterday. But it is a different, very likely smaller feature set to Markdown, and if you need Markdown then that’s no use at all to you. If you’re interested I’m happy to provide a copy of the script.

Have you tried these filters ck removed? Check for the last post because he made some changes, but those should be all.

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