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Re: plugin: Markdown

> I don’t want to have to scroll through a wall of text looking for new paragraphs.

Daring Fireball says:

> Any decent text editor should make email-style quoting easy. For example, with BBEdit, you can make a selection and choose Increase Quote Level from the Text menu.

;-) anyway, that doesn’t seem to be a big issue as folks usually quote just 1-2 para to mantain a coherent (connected) dialog on web forums (like we do now ;-)

basically, most used syntax is just as on and it works pretty well out there, although they have a threaded *nested* comments, which eases communications alots since there’s no need in usual for web-forums perverted form of addressing like “@username: …” etc.

as I noted on misc web-boards its quite popular to use a JS to grab the quoted username. though, it doesn’t seem to me related to this kind of *text-formatting* plugins we’re discussing. as it is more like up to a higher-level of software — if it doesn’t have a “Reply” (to a particular post) function there’s nothing much can be done about it.

your plugin is working just fine. I guess its syntax rules will be enough for the most folks. the only thing is just the same as with that ‘Markdown PHP’ — I think it would be logical to have deal only with its (markdownifed 8-) syntax _while editing a post_, not with HTML tags again — as it may produce some kind of schismo in non-savvy users minds ;-)

once again, thanks for sharing!

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