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Re: plugin: Markdown

> I guess ‘>’ in front of every _paragraph_.

It’s still annoying somewhat annoying :P. I don’t want to have to scroll through a wall of text looking for new paragraphs. Perhaps >>Quote …. << ? What would also be interesting is the ability to add the name of who you’re quoting. Name>>Quote<< or “Name blah”>>Quote<<? Although that’s starting to get a bit artificial.

It is an option to make this plugin rewrite the posts as they’re being read, but I was worried about the extra server load (although it’s pretty light code) and it’s playing pretty badly with the Allow Images plugin.

I don’t want to keep hosting it on my server, so I’ll take this down the next time I think about it. is a working, non-bb copy of the script so you can test it (note that >>Name[post#] doesn’t work). Ignore the sucky name, I hate naming things and needed something just temporarily :P

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