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Re: plugin: Markdown

Hmm. Still don’t know about a name. Ignore the name there and upload, activate.

In addition to what I said last post,

*bolded stuff* => bolded stuff

_italic words_ => italic words

**notbold** => *notbold*

__notitalic__ => _notitalic_

link@http://somerealurl… => link

“link text blah”@http://somerealurl… => link text blah

#, *, -, (1, 2, 3), (a, b, c) => <ul/ol><li> .... </li> .... </ul/ol> (Numbers, letters need to be in order. Any punctuation after it will also be accepted.)

>>Name[post#] => >> Name

(Not italicised or bolded in: u*blah*, _ blah_)

I believe that covers everything. I’ll have a look at Markdown, see if it does anything cool that I’d want too. :P

The last one is pretty neat but mostly for another plugin that I have on my site that’s also unreleased. Might ask for plugin space for that one now I guess.

Oh, also worth noting that standard behaviour for this plugin is ‘compiling’ the text when the post is saved. That means that it doesn’t make your forum any slower (all the work is done when the post is saved) and that if at any point you remove this plugin, old posts written with it will look exactly the same so you can do that anytime without problems.

[Edit] Markdown is … complicated. When I wrote this, I wrote it to go along with bbPress, so it’s a lot simpler. It doesn’t support stuff like paragraphing because bbPress already does that. And I wrote it so you wouldn’t have to remember anything, but so that the stuff you’d write anyway is formatted nice. No need to think what the syntax is or anything like that. I like what it did with blockquotes. I’ll put in some syntax for blockquotes, even if having to put > in front of every line sounds tiresome. But what do people think about italicising or bolding inside words? I took it out to avoid unintentional formatting, but Markdown has it in (for stuff like un*fucking*believable) and now I’m not so sure.

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