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Re: Plugin Idea: Email Notification for Moderation Events



Actually, it would be fairly easy to do.

All we need to do is hook into the header or footer.

My initial idea was javascript popups but those are bad because they stop all webpage loading at that point. If we hook the header we can insert a z-indexed hover div with the information.

The service would be passed a user_id, the message, and an action url. Optionally instead of a user_id, it could be the term “administrator” or “moderator” where it would alert all at that level.

The box would have a close button to ignore it and all the messages would then be accessible as a list under your profile under a new tab.

You’d have an option to be emailed anytime an alert was generated but typically you can keep that off unless you don’t visit the site often.

I was going to do this for my “report this post” plugin but I really needed the report feature right away so I got lazy and just used email.

Sounds like I have a new plugin to code next weekend.


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