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Re: Plugin Idea: Daily New Topics Digest



I guess you’ll see that the way it works around here is you get the idea, you volunteer to make the plugin ;-)

Start coding. But seriously, without cron jobs or pseudo cron it will be tricky to do this. A plugin would have to check the time of day each time it runs and then keep whatever user is currently visiting on a delay while it emails however many people. This can be problematic. What if the site is fairly idle at that time when it should email and noone is visiting? What if there are 100 emails to send, will the people be kept waiting over a minute or two?

Personally I’m just using yahoo rss to email alerts. It watchs the rss feed for you for changes.

But this plugin could be easily changed to have two checkboxes, one to just email a summary at end of day, vs when it happens:

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