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Re: Plugin: Forum Restriction

Ok I’ve been looking at rss.php code but I’m unfamiliar with it, and while I was hoping to find a nice clean SQL Query line, there isn’t any and I don’t know where to look. But, in case someone know where to find it, it should be a line like this:

sql0=”SELECT * FROM bb_topics ORDER BY topic_time DESC limit 0,35″;

now let’s say our first forum is restricted and the fifth forum is private . The way to severe them from the feed would be to change the query to:

sql0=”SELECT * FROM bb_topics where forum_id not in (5, 1) ORDER BY topic_time DESC limit 0,35″;

of course, the nice, clean way to do this would be to use the bb_press API to store the restricted or private forums id and then restrict the query internally, but I don’t know how to do this. I’m new to WP and BB altogether.

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