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Re: Plugin: bbMenu 1.1

Null, thanks for the help. Yeah, going into the table isn’t a whole lot of fun, but this isn’t something that would need to be changed very often.

PM is private messaging, i.e. this plugin:

The plugin adds a page (/yourforum/pm.php) that lets you read/write private messages to other users. Because it is a static page, you can define the address in the table.

What would be really great, though, is a way to make the links dynamic. The PM plugin also comes with a notification function where users can be given an alert when they visit the forum letting them know a new message has arrived. The tab would say something like “Private Messages (1)” or something like that. Unfortunately, since the page addresses are stored in the DB, I can’t really think of a way to do this.

As far as wanting to see it, you can check my forum here:

I have it locked down so you have to register, which addresses the issue you mentioned above. However, you can log in using:

user: just a test

password: justatest (no spaces)

Thanks again for the plugin!

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