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Re: Plugin: bbMenu 1.1

@ box87, can you give me/sent me what you have changed and where? This error also seems to effect people that use php 5+, so if your changes fixes these errors, I realy would like to have them :D (mauricederegt[at]

About adding menutabs (not pages); it will be in the next release. You can create new tabs in the admin area and drag&drop them around. Only downside is that the tabs won’t be highlighted when you are on the page where the new tab points too. This has to do with the bb_location and knowing-on-what-page-you-are issue (is_pagename) .

It already is possible to automaticly add a menu tab to your list when activating a plugin that has a page on its own (like the memberlist plugin). But I need to do some more testing for this and documentation of how to do this will proberly be released when bbPress 1.0 (with plugin activation) is released (cause the way this works can be changed)…

Also I am thinking of rewriting this plugin after the bbPress 1.0 release to use jQuery. 1.0 uses this libary, so why not make use of this and reduce the extra files needed to drag&drop the tabs around :D

Well for now, send me your fix so I can put it in the next release. Big things are ahead!

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