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Re: Plugin: bbMenu 1.0


What kind of items would you like to add? Is it a plugin page like the memberlist plugin, or a link to another website, or a link to your homepage.

The last one is technically hard to do cause of the way bbPress id’s there pages. bbMenu uses this to highlight the menu item when you are on a certain page. Since your homepage proberbly doesn’t support/use this, you can add an item in the menu, but it proberbly wouldn’t highlight when you are on that page.

Hope you understand what I mean…

If you want to add an “off-link” (the link goes to wikipedia or something) you could add this into bbmenu.php (not tested):

At the bottom find:

echo '<li ' . $first . '><a ' . $current . ' href="' . $rw['page'] . '">' . $rw['item'] . '</a></li>';

Underneeth it add:

echo '<li><a href="">Thingy-name</a></li>';

(Ignore the this forum adds them when editing this topic)

This should add a new link ad the end in your menu, but you will not see it in the admin, or be able to put it anywhere else… It will also not be highlighted when you are on that page (in case you use it to go to your homepage)

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