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Re: plugin: bb-Polls



Oh that was immediately more helpful than anything else I’ve asked or you’ve answered. There is something really strange going on in that the code is being inserted twice. Some hook is firing twice when it should only be once. I have to investigate.

Er, What other plugins do you have running?

I see your bbmenu in there.

Can you try deactivating everything?

Also, post your post.php template in code tags here – are you positive it’s stock?

I think I know exactly what is happening but I don’t know why.

My plugin hooks topicmeta


Topicmeta can only happen once on a topic page.

Somehow it’s firing more than once on your page.

Deactivate all other plugins for a minute just to make sure something doesn’t have a major bug.

Try this experimental fix which unhooks itself after the first execute to prevent a second run:

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