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Re: plugin: bb-Polls



Null, I am testing using opera 9 on windows.

I am using 0.24 of the plugin on the bbpress trunk.

I am able to create a new poll & vote with no alerts.

There is no problem with the css layout.

Make sure you create a NEW poll for testing with 0.24

Wait I just thought of something.

Are you using a personal firewall like Norton?

They sometimes filter javascript in bad ways.

I am also starting to think that php 5 is doing something weird with the data escaping since you say you get it in all browsers. Unfortunately I do not have a php 5 server to test on.

Can anyone else reproduce what Null is reporting or does it work?

ps. you can turn off ajax if you want to test it normally by changing the “use_ajax” option near the top of the code. Set it to “false”.

pps. Null, is this off the site in your profile?

Can you create a poll for me to see off one of the pages so I can see the bug in action?

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