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Re: plugin: bb-Polls



Ah I think I see the problem.

Unlike all the other browsers, Opera has taken it upon itself to cache the javascript request instead of actually fetching it each time (this is one way it cheats for speed).

Will add some code for a unique URL to force it to work.

okay, here you go, v0.24

should fix the issues with opera (and anything else caching)

I’ve also now added hidden near the top of the code a “test_mode”

If you change “test_mode” to “true” it will allow you do keep voting on any poll for testing purposes. You can switch back and forth to view/vote etc. Obviously change it back on a live site with members or people will be able to stuff the ballot box.

Keep in mind that previous poll data may have been made invalid by the bug in opera so start with a fresh poll. Do not keep re-using the old polls for testing with v0.24. I have not changed data structures but if the data got inserted wrong, it could be invalid for that topic.

(I’ll make a “delete poll” option soon for administrators.

The space it takes is trivial, so don’t worry about that)

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