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Re: plugin: bb-Polls



I am pleased to announce that v0.19 now supports ajax-ishâ„¢ behaviours on all actions except form submits (saving data). The view poll results actually happens with a real update, if votes happen while you are waiting to vote and you go check, they will increase. I might even add an auto-refresh to it (every 30 seconds?) to freak people out.

You can also turn off ajax entirely in the settings and if there’s no proper javascript support it falls back to regular actions of course.

I’ve only tested on firefox out of exhaustion right now, so I’ll need feedback from other browsers. Ajax on submits will take quite a bit more research for me, never done it before and I’ve heard it’s problematic on different browsers.

@mazdakam, sorry about the float:left – I used it to try to make it behave with some other templates I was testing. I realise now how that would messup your configuration…

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