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Re: plugin: bb-Polls

Sam Bauers


> Is that “legal” and if so, is it still “ethical” ? Are styles “copyright” ? I vaguely remember reading that “look & feel” cannot be copywrited.

By the looks of their site, not legal. Style is dictated by a combination of CSS and Markup (which is code, so is copyright). To make your markup compatible with someone’s proprietary CSS you would have to investigate and probably copy some of the markup structures, which brings you into iffy legal territory. The least you will need is permission from the copyright holder.

Copying look and feel can get you into trouble too. The look and feel of a commercial product is known as it’s “get up”, and that is considered intellectual property, more akin to a trademark than a copyright, but still intellectual property.

Of course, IANAL and your countries laws may vary. : )

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