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Re: plugin: bb-Polls



The CSS is fully editable for the bar colours. You can even make the bars fancy images if you so desire.

I guess I am going to have to make a proof-of-concept to show people that it doesn’t have to look anything like my default. I can even make it look like polldaddy.

ps. @fel64 v0.17 now tricks bbpress in keeping the poll data completely unserialized until the plugin actually needs it (easy fix). It still has bbpress cache the data with the topic for fast loads. What’s nice about this is the topic title “[poll]” can still tell if the topic has a poll by just checking for the object without deserializing it (ie. $topic->poll_options) – oh it’s also completely compatible with any currently saved poll data and can deal with it already being unserialized, it just fixes it on the next vote

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