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Re: plugin: bb-Polls



Installing it will definitely answer all your questions.

Many answers are yes. The current options near the top will give you an idea.

I designed it from the start to allow votes on multiple selections or single section – the poll creator can decide.

bbpress cleans up the topic meta on its own, so if the topic is deleted in theory the meta is deleted (but bbpress doesn’t really delete topics yet, it just flags the differently)

you can decide if polls close with the topic or not

you can also decide if the poll is shown on each page of the topic or just the first

only members can vote – I do not have any plans to implement non-member voting, it defeats the purpose and makes the code much more complex

Eventually I will do more than horizontal bars which will make a higher load (I am sure I can find an existing easy library). Bars are currently done in pure CSS which makes it lightning fast and completely customisable with colours and even rounded corners with images.

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