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Re: Plugin: Avatar Upload

A really useful plugin, it works very nicely. :) I’ve had my eye on Identicons for a while and wanted to integrate them, the result being that I hacked up Scott’s identicon plugin to only contain the class, wrote a function to make identicons for users and integrated it with your plugin (so, changes made to all three files). It assigns users identicons when they register, and they’re kept in the same way as you do things now. I personally love identicons. :D It’s running now at – just look in any thread.

I was wondering, is there a reason for storing the metavalues in the database? An alternative is to go to the folder directly and look for all possible variants in turn (considering the standard naming, you’re just checking extensions), saving on the database read and writes – but I’m not sure which would be faster. You’d have to delete the old avatar of course in case you don’t overwrite it because of different filetypes.

There’s a final modification I want to make, purely aesthetic. Any idea how to get the avatar link into one of the profile tabs (like Edit or Favourites)?

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