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Re: Plugin: Avatar Upload

* added a ‘default avatar image’ option (if you don’t want to use fel64’s identicons — see previous posts in this thread).

fel – how would you like me to link to the identicon’s plugin? Currently, I’m just linking to your post in this thread.

IMO identicons make the perfect default avatar and I would like it if you include them or at least make it an option choosable through the admin panel. (If it reassures you, the Identicon creator is happy with this being included as part of such a plugin too.)

If you don’t want to do that, again IMO this should go into a branch for your plugin (I’d need to update it first). It’s not possible to add this as a plugin so that it will work with yours, nor is it distinct enough to be its own plugin; if not part of the core plugin, I see the only alternatives to be making it a branch or just leaving it here as unofficial hack.

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