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Re: please help to fix the “style-rtl.css”



Trent – I see you have fixed the problem. Thank you very much !

I will now go to build the forum, and will share with all of you once I made it work (and also, will share my Hebrew translation to the rest of the community)

Again, Trent, thank you very much :)

p.s: one small correction I made to the stylesheet, was to the header.

In the current configuration, The first letter of the name of the forums, is cut off.

So to fix it, I erased the line:

font-style: italic;

from the file style.css, in the “#header h1 { ” section, as seen here:

In style.css:

#header h1 {

font-family: Georgia;

/*font-style: italic;*/ <– this line

position: absolute;

display: block;

color: #444;

text-align: right;

letter-spacing: -1px;

right: 59px;

bottom: 31px;


I don’t know how to incorporate it into the trunk or to post a ticket, but I hope what I write will help…

Another small issue (which matters little to me, but is worth noting) :

When the mouse hovers around a header of (for example a forum name): in Firefox, you get the whole line to change color(as it should). in IE you deon’t get that effect.


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