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Re: PLEASE Create 2 Versions of bbpress!

John James Jacoby



I’ve thought about this, and tossed it around in my mind for the past few weeks. I think that for us right now, it would make sense to do things this way, since we’re only really familiar with WordPress, and then bbPress. There are a few other products that Automattic has, such as WordPress MU, BuddyPress, and BackPress, that also will need to have a way to integrate around each other and any random installation combination of them.

With that being said, from a bbPress users perspective, it might almost make more sense to have WordPress MU be a plug-in for bbPress, giving each individual user their own WordPress type blog. This would use bbPress as the core installation, and include another application inside itself.

You can see that with so many products and possibilities, the fact that Sam has enlightened us with a working bbPress/WordPress dedicated integration solution using bbp1.0alpha4 is pretty awesome.

I’m going to do my best to make a plug-in like you’ve mentioned, to add a bbPress menu in the WordPress admin panel, and allow editing of the bbPress settings. I think that again, right now, a majority of the bbPress audience is going to lean towards that as a next logical step. Eventually however, BuddyPress and BackPress will probably be the future for all of us.

Your points are valid, and I think many of us here feel the same, just rest assured that the devs are listening and busting their butts to make things work together the best way they can.

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