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Re: PLEASE Create 2 Versions of bbpress!

John James Jacoby



Firstly, while there’s two ways to skin a cat, david’s method kills the kitty in the process. My advice is not to do it that way. If you need to get the absolute path of a directory I made a quick file to do it…

Put this code in a php file, I named mine “abs.php”

$p = getcwd();
echo $p;

Then upload that file to the directory you want to find the path to, and visit it in a web browser. It will echo the absolute path for you. Copy the output. Delete the file. Done!

Duplicating the themes is really the best way to do this, and I promise that once you’ve included WordPress into bbPress properly, it’s a really straightforward and rewarding process.

Firstly, download Notepad++. It’s free, and it rules.

Firstly.5, make copies of your WordPress header.php/footer.php files, and save them someplace safe. We will be modifying these files and don’t want to ruin the actual working WordPress ones.

Secondly, open the header.php/footer.php files for both the stock bbPress theme, and the copied ones I just mentioned. In Notepad++ you should now have 4 files open.

We’re basically working from the outside in.

Thirdly, take all of the relevant bbPress PHP code from it’s header.php/footer.php files, and start copy and pasting them to the equivalent places in the WP copy header.php/footer.php files. Like in mine, I actually have:


Which loads all of the WP and BBP head related functions inside my BBP forums. Because I want links to my feeds and what-not…

Fourthly, once you’re done with this, then you start poking around the other BBP theme files, and modify all of those files to work within the same construct as your WP theme does, with the same DIV classes and names and what-not.

Because we’ve included the WordPress functions inside bbPress, and because we’re using the same original WP theme header.php file, all of the same style-sheets and JS from that theme are already coded and loaded, even though you’re looking at bbPress. The rest is just tweaking all of the files to look how you want them to.

This is the process I used at, and I think it’s worked really super well. :)

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