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Re: Placing the bbPress forum within a WordPress Page?



@swaymedia: At this point I have to say, neither, because they aren’t doing the one thing that will make monetizing a site possible – collecting important data about my audience that I can share with a potential advertiser.

We -must- have the ability to get a relevant piece of information about our audience that tells our potential advertisers something about the audience member’s buying habits. For my site, I need to know the occupation of my visitors so ads can be targeted based on that data point. I need a way to require that that bit of information be collected at registration.

Neither bbPress nor Simple:Press do that. And that’s absurd, because it’s THE only way to monetize a website through advertising. And it’s being ignored. Screwing around with fonts and colors is irrelevant in the face of this need. I really don’t understand it.

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