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Re: phpbb3 -> bbpress converter

Thanks @johnhiler – definitely fills in the puzzle a little.

A couple questions:

  • Any thoughts about using more recent builds than 2.7.1 & 0.9?
  • One difference I’m seeing with my situation is that it’s WP’s users we need to bring into bbPress, not the other way around. The WP setup is a membership site, handled with the Wishlist Member plugin, so they’ll be logging in there first.

Ugh… I’m realizing I’ve got a bucket full of ugliness here… from the fact that there are going to be bbPress users (old, inactive ones) who aren’t in WP, trying to match up the WP users with the bbPress users, and the whole “logged into WP/logged out of bbPress” issue, since it looks like I may not be able to have shared cookies since I’m working with new versions of both software packages…

… this may be more than is possible right now. I’ll keep trying to figure it out, though. Thanks for your help, everyone.

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