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Re: phpbb3 -> bbpress converter



You, sir, are a godsend.

I was having so many problems with my modded phpbb3. I had started off with a modded version (NEVER EVER DO THIS!), and it proved to be very unstable and equally insecure (extensive spam). Cookies also failed to work properly. In short, it was a disaster. I tried to revert to a clean install, and I was unable to. Ghost db tables kept breaking the clean installs (the forums can’t find x element, or y table, or z style), and so no one new could register, and there were broken links and tabs all over the place. It was a nightmare (which ironically enough kept me from having any because I’ve hardly had time to sleep trying endlessly to fix these broken forums).

After days and days of trying to transfer the database to a fresh install of phpbb3 (repeating the process over and over and over again), I realized that at the heart of the problem was a horrible architecture (phpbb3), and an utterly failed modification concept (an epic fail – basically the opposite of WP/bbPress plugins). If only there were a way to transfer the database from phpbb3 to bbPress! Maybe bbPress would snuff out all the corrupted db tables that were giving me such grief and corrupting each clean install of phpbb3! Turns out, that is exactly what happened. And it’s all thanks to your plugin – which literally saved my site.

The only “problem” area with was with forums that had ‘ in them (I “” problem because it was so fantastically easy it literally took about 2 minutes). I just renamed each forum to 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, and then changed them back in bbPress! Also, users password were not transferred, but that hardly matters!

Thank you so much! Do you have a PayPal account so I can donate?

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