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Re: PHP Error Messages



Sam, there are no trac tickets that I know of, just forum reports. I’ve already provided links to those. I hesitate to create a trac ticket myself since I have not experienced it first hand. I suspect the developers haven’t either, which is why it appears to still be happening.

Maybe instead of trying to recreate the problem, someone can look at lines 168 – 172 in bb-settings.php and see if the warning thrown on line 169 has a good reason. It certainly seems to be related to a missing my_plugins or bb-plugins folder, and no underscore plugins. I thought there was a difference between PHP4 and PHP5 at some point, but maybe that’s a red herring.

Also, since it’s just a warning, maybe it’s not really a hard error, just a warning, but the server is configured to show warnings, thus the warning comes first and then you get the “cannot modify header information” because the warning came first. Maybe the server needs to be configured to show warnings for this to happen? Is there an .htaccess directive to force PHP to show warnings, or maybe another way to test this?

(BTW, I just checked out and configured my server to use PHP4 and I do not have this error. In the stock install, there is no my-plugins or bb-plugins folder. So, maybe it is throwing a warning but my server is not configured to show them?)

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