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Re: PHP Error



OK – I still don’t see those actual line numbers in that release (in fact bb_settings.php has only 209 lines.) So, can you open up /home/www/web316/html/ps-t/bb-settings.php and post line 294 (maybe a couple before and after as well) and /home/www/web316/html/ps-t/bb-includes/pluggable.php and post lines 193 and 231. The code on those lines will help point the way to solving these problems.

My hunch is this is related to the glob issue and there being no underscore plugins in a bb-plugins directory. Because there are no plugins that begin with an underscore, and due to problems with the way the glob function is tested for, an error like this can occur.

You can try installing this plugin to see if it fixes your error, even though the line numbers and messages really don’t match up:

I think you can also just create a bb-plugins directory in your installation root, then in it create a file called something like _nothing.php – I think that also causes this block of code to NOT fail, so you wouldn’t see these warnings.

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