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Re: Patch: Categories for version 0.8



having problems getting this to worked… because of mods, applying the patch by hand… so its probably me but really stumped…

after doing the changes, had an error, so double checked everything… still no dice… so I decided to bite the bullet and do it the patch way… as luck would have it my host doesnt seem to allow patch to work – diff issue I will take up with him…

anyways, started from a clean 0.8 install and applied the patch by hand again… end up getting the same error again… double checked and everything looks good…

Here’s the error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_categories() (previously declared in /xxxxxx/wp-includes/category.php:14) in /xxxxxx/forums/bb-includes/functions.php on line 3

oh man… AAARGGH… as I sit here typing this in, it just hit me what is wrong and why I wasted time into the wee hours trying to solve it…

has anyone tried this category patch in a bbpress integrated with wordpress?? it seems the category functions are clashing between the two…

geez… I dont know how many times I read that last night and never noticed that… another reason why you do work real late at night 😉 helps if you can read too 😛

any thoughts on this working with a bbpress/wordpress integrated situation?

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