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Re: Patch: Categories for version 0.8

it appears the patch only mods the default template so assuming I have to make those changes manually

That’s right.

probably could edit the patch file by hand, but I have already modded some of those files in my theme… no package available of the modded files?

Modding the patch file would be difficult, sometimes patch can work out what to do when the files it’s patching are modified (i.e. the line numbers are different).

The easiest thing to do is start from scratch with a fresh 0.8 install, patch that, then add your customisations. Following the default template after patching, you should be able to work in categories to your custom theme.

Are there any more planned releases between 0.8 and 1.0? which I believe I read somewhere is the planned formal release with this incorporated… Roadmap shows 1.0 next but it may not be current…

The roadmap is current. The 1.0 milestone has a ticket against it for this. That doesn’t mean it will necessarily make it into that release.

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