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Re: Parent / Childrelationship in forum loop



Funnily enough i’ve made the same hack solution as instructed in this topic:

The problem is, the idea of checking for the forum parent id is ok when dealing with a singular table. If it’s got the same parent fine, if it’s not do something else. But the whole thing starts to get messy when dealing with non-linear tables. If your forum has multiple sub forums or parent child relationships the whole thing starts to crumble, or if you’re using a javascript DOM indexer 9say you want open close functionality), or if you’re aiming for a a UL/LI version instead of tables (i’m not against tables for tabular data btw – but for parent child iterations screen readers prefer UL/LI loops).

I’ll post my theme with these hacks and hopefully you can see what I mean, because i’m a bit stunned about how rigid this all is given the excellent coding that’s been developed by the authors so far.

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