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Re: Paginated search results

Thanks for the replies (haven’t been able to work on this for a few weeks, hence my late response). As I said previously, I’m not keen on the 3 list approach at all, because I think most people expect a search function to return a single list of results (regardless of the strategy used to generate the results). Search is particularly important for the site I am working on, because the forum will be used to store race results, and users want to be able to search through several years of past results using an event name, for example.

I have used Google site search on an existing website. I wasn’t aware of the custom search engine, and it looks interesting but I would like to keep the search more tightly integrated with the site if possible. The Google solution also appears to be JS dependent for displaying results in an i-frame.

I think that modifying the relevant post search to provide pagination, as suggested, might be an acceptable solution. I’m not sure that I require the title and recent post searches, so I could simply discard these and go for a single list solution.

Thanks again for the advice.

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