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Re: Overwriting Template functions



HI _ck_,

Yeah it was a typo.

I know that functions can have things added to them and overwitten as your plugins prove, i’m not doubting that for a second, and i’m sorry if it came across that way. What i’m saying is that while i’m able to either overwrite or add to some functions, some i’m only able to add to, and some i’m not able to either add to nor overwrite.

Now if that’s not a bug, then cool. Really cool! But i can’t see why that would be, and i’m hoping you can point me in the right direction. You’ve said countless times it works in the same way as wordpress plugins, but a google search of how to overwrite wordpress functions leads me to (see pages below). And the code supplied here works on every function i’ve tried (so far – 9 plugins in) except BB_GET_HEADER, BB_GET_FOOTER and POST_FORM. and i’m wondering why that is.

I’m absolutely 100% cool with the fault being at my end, it would be a relief tbh, but with no documentation and no examples or other plugins that overwrite these functions i’m totally lost.

Basically, typos and what pepole think i’m wanting do to aside, what i really want to know is this:

What code do i have to write so that my function is called instead of the one hard coded into template-functions.php?

Thank you so much.

Edit: Websites i use as a plugin resource:

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